How to upload local files on Dlupload ?

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Uploading files has always been matter of confusions. Local file upload is a renowned method practiced from a very long period of time where you can download files from your devices.

Dlupload is a trustable online platform to make your online journey safe and remarkable. It is an online platform where you can upload local files or remote files. You can earn money on every downloads from your uploaded files.

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local file upload is the method of uploading files from your own device rather than relying on the server to upload files.

Here you can follow these several steps on Dlupload to upload local files :

Step 1:

At first login to your account, If you haven’t registered your account then click here to register an account.

Step 2:

You have to go to your dashboard and click on upload file button on top left side corner.

Step 3:

There you can see two options :

A) Local file upload  B) Remote file upload

Step 4:

You can choose local file upload option. [Check this tutorial to learn remote file upload procedure]

Step 5:

Enter suitable title, description and thumbnail for your file.

Step 6:

Once you click upload, file will be uploaded from your device and after successful upload, file will be shown to all file section on your dashboard.

After following these steps, you can use local upload feature. If you face any problem during the steps you can contact us any time at : our team will get back to you within few hours.

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